Lady Gaga Debuts Blue And Pink Hair — See The Photos

Lady Gaga Debuts Blue And Pink Hair — See The Photos
Credit: Source: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga is preparing for her MTV VMA's performance with Ariana Grande and the "Bad Romance" singer has been showing off a number of hairstyles on her Instagram while she prepares. Exactly what color Lady Gaga 's hair will be when she performs Sunday night remains a mystery, but she's been wearing her hair a light shade of blue.

She shared a bikini selfie last week where she celebrated the success of her sixth studio album Chromatica and a tinge of blue peeked out underneath a pink headscarf. She captioned the photo with the following: Happy weekend from Chromatica! 💕💕💕🧚‍♀️ wishing you a relaxing afternoon!!!! 

Though Lady Gaga showed off her flawless beach body in her bikini, she also shared a photo of herself taking an ice bath. Lady Gaga has shared many of her private struggles with her fans, including that she lives with chronic pain. She uses ice baths to help promote circulation, ease pain, and keep her muscles in top shape for her live performances. She captioned the photo with a simple hashtag: #vmas.

Lady Gaga proved she was continuing to protect herself and others from the Coronavirus by wearing a face mask in her photo.

Giving the public a better look at her blue hair, Lady Gaga shared a photo before she went to sleep for the night where she showed off her matching blue manicure. Lady Gaga's bangs are a bit darker than the rest of her hair that appears to be more of an aquamarine color on the sides and back.

In another photo, Lady Gaga wore a Vivienne Westwood tee-shirt, showed off her blue hair and said that she was so excited about the upcoming #VMAs and her performance with Ariana Grande for "Rain On Me" that she couldn't stop taking selfies!

That's okay, her fans don't mind! Lady Gaga can share all the selfies she wants!

Lady Gaga then shared a photo of herself with waist-length, cotton-candy pink hair. She gave Ariana Grande a special shout-out for reaching 200 million Instagram followers!

What do you think about Lady Gaga's hairstyles? Are you looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande perform at the MTV VMA's?

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