Lady Gaga Cancels The Remaining Dates Of Her Tour Because Of "Severe Pain"

Lady Gaga Cancels The Remaining Dates Of Her Tour Because Of "Severe Pain"

Lady Gaga is, once again, cutting her concert schedule short for medical reasons. In an Instagram post on Saturday morning, the "Poker Face" singer revealed she has been suffering from "severe pain" which has impacted her ability to perform live.

The singer revealed she had to cancel her remaining ten shows which are mostly in Europe. Gaga took to Twitter to say she was "so devastated" that she didn't even know "how to describe it."

Her team of medical professionals told her the best decision would be to recover at her home and cancel the remaining shows. She wrote a statement to the cities of "London, Manchester, Zurich, Koln, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, and Rio," and claimed she would be back to take the stage.

Fortunately for her fans, they can get refunds on Tuesday. From Sunday until February 23rd, Gaga was scheduled to perform in England, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Initially, she was supposed to perform the European portion of her tour last October but had to cancel again because of "severe physical pain."

During the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, the singer opened up about her illness while discussing the documentary based on her life, Five Foot Two, on Netflix.

Germonatta said "pain is a microphone," and it's a part of her which inspires her to sing and be an artist.

The purpose of it is to "transform it into something that is good." The singer added she hopes her struggles with chronic pain will make others feel like they "are not alone."

As you may know, Gaga recently revealed she would be performing at a residency in Las Vegas this year, something to which Justin Timberlake admitted he wasn't particularly fond of. During an interview, the singer - who is slated to perform at this year's Super Bowl - implied it seemed like a retirement option.

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