Lady Gaga And Katy Perry Put An End To Their Feud After Gaga Slammed Perry In Kesha Texts!

Lady Gaga And Katy Perry Put An End To Their Feud After Gaga Slammed Perry In Kesha Texts!

It looks like the feud between Katy Perry and Lady Gaga is over and it was the latter who put an end to it! As fans know, the two singers had some beef over fellow performer Kesha’s legal war with Dr. Luke.

Can you believe Gaga and Perry are pals once again? The two celebs made peace in a pretty public and mature way!

Lady Gaga took to social media earlier today to tell her many followers that she and Perry are no longer feuding.

She started by discussing a The Blast article about the legal war between Kesha and Dr. Luke.

Katy Perry became an essential part of Dr. Luke’s defamation lawsuit against Kesha, who accused him of rape.

As you know, the music producer is still denying the singer’s claims against him.

In some legal papers that were made public yesterday, one of Kesha and Lady Gaga’s text conversations was also included.

In the exchange, the two women say Katy was ‘mean’ for not only not coming forward about the supposed rape but also denying it actually happened.

‘She is probably afraid to lose everything. You're really strong standing up to him, she is not as strong as you yet. Have you talked to her?’ Lady Gaga writes to her friend.

Kesha replies that she is indeed mean but argued that while it’s ‘hard’, she needs to find empathy for Katy.

Gaga agrees and goes on to ask if she should call Katy herself.

She then denied they were friendly and told Kesha Perry was making her angry but that she was trying to have ‘empathy’ towards her.

Earlier today, Lady Gaga addressed the texts, tweeting: ‘katy perry and I have grown up in the industry together. We have gone through both celebrations and differences with one another. Those are old texts. We have matured, gotten over the past, we love each other, and we share deep respect. Katy's my friend, and she is truly a kind soul. End of story.’

Soon after, Katy replied with a tweet of her own in which she was telling her ‘friend’ that she loves her.

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