Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Receive Multiple Grammy Nominations For 'Shallow' Bringing 'A Star Is Born' To Award Season Forefront

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Receive Multiple Grammy Nominations For 'Shallow' Bringing 'A Star Is Born' To Award Season Forefront
Source: 'A Star is Born'/Warner Bros.

If the Golden Globes and Grammy nominations tell us anything, it is that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are on course for serious career expansion. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have been nominated for best actor and best actress Golden Globes, as well as multiple Grammy nominations for their duet "Shallow" from their movie A Star Is Born.

Bradley Cooper is a four-time Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe actor. There's a good chance he and Lady Gaga may score Oscar nominations for their performances as Jack and Ally, but the recent Grammy nominations for the pair marks new territory for Cooper.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have received four Grammy nominations in the categories Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Pop/Duo Group Performance, and Best Song Written for Visual Media for their hit song "Shallow". With four Grammy nominations, Bradley Cooper has just elevated himself to the status of singer and songwriter. Not bad for a guy who says he took six months of training to prepare for his role including singing and guitar lessons.

Lady Gaga adds an additional Grammy nomination to her cache for the song Joanne ( Where Do You Think You're Going ?)

The order in which the songs were released is behind why the soundtrack for A Star is Born wasn't nominated for Album of the Year. This also means that next year, more songs from the movie may be nominated. Yes, it's possible that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper may dominate the 2019 and 2020 Grammys!

Though Bradley Cooper performed "Ode to a Sous-Vide" in the movie Burnt and is officially on the soundtrack, he navigated unchartered waters with A Star is Born and after the immense response to his talents as singer, songwriter, and entertainer, we won't rule out additional musical performances in Cooper's future.

While Lady Gaga is no stranger to wracking up music awards, her Golden Globe nominations have not only included musical performances but she won Best Actress in 2016 for her role as the Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel .

The Golden Globe was for her work on television. With two current Golden Globe nominations for A Star is Born (Best Actress and Best Original Song) it looks as if Lady Gaga is in position to be nominated for an Oscar due to her acting.

An Oscar nomination would put Lady Gaga in position for more film work with leading actors and actresses and could truly be a stepping stone that advances her career.

With Bradley Cooper proving his weight in music and Lady Gaga confirming she is a top actress, there's no stopping these two in the future.

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