LA Theater Falls Victim To Prankster Who Puts Sign Outside Warning Patrons That 'Incels' Wouldn't Be Allowed In

LA Theater Falls Victim To Prankster Who Puts Sign Outside Warning Patrons That 'Incels' Wouldn't Be Allowed In
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Arclight Cinemas were the subject of a prankster who put up a sign making fun of disenfranchised young men. "This document was not authorized nor posted by ArcLight," their statement read.

Reportedly, an LA movie theater was targeted by a prankster on Friday when the anonymous person posted a sign that said, "no guys who look like they've never had sex," near the entrance of the theater. As it was previously reported, Joker stirred controversy in the media due to its thematic explorations of mental illness in conjunction with violence.

A few social media users shared the bulletin on Friday, and it quickly picked up steam. The sign went on to make additional jokes at sexually frustrated young men.

Later on, ArcLight responded in a statement that alleged they did not authorize the use of the sign and certainly didn't put it on their business either.

The movie, following its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, has been questioned by some in the media for its supposed glorification of a social pariah who becomes a hero for the "disenfranchised." In September of this year, five family members of the 2012 Aurora Colorado shooting asked Warner Brothers to donate to associations committed to stopping gun violence.

In response, the organization wrote a letter that discussed the severity of gun violence in America, adding that their sympathies are with the victims of those who suffered from it.

Just a few weeks before the movie came out in theaters, the LAPD and the NYPD began preparing for the release of the movie, even deploying police officers at showings of the movie.

While the resulting drama for the movie has caused a few problems, Joker has managed to accrue a very strong box office opening. The movie is estimated to take home $93,000,000 in its first weekend, which will make it the highest-earning movie for October of all time, even surpassing It: Chapter Two.

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