La La Anthony's Killer Curves In A Bathing Picture Is Overshadowed By Super Stunning Cousins

La La Anthony's Killer Curves In A Bathing Picture Is Overshadowed By Super Stunning Cousins
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La La Anthony has been very busy showing off her killer bikini curves in a stunning black bathing suit, but her gorgeous cousins stole the spotlight.

This weekend, Carmelo's wife decided to turn the heat by sharing a sizzling photo of herself in a bikini that made her fans go wild.

The Power actress also posted a photo where she is sandwiched between two of her mindblowing gorgeous cousins, and her fans are loving all three.

One fan said: "Carmelo was a damn fool. Damn the first day back in the gym paid off! 💪🏻😂."

Another commenter shared: "Dam Melo just retire with a wife looking like that🤦🏾‍♂️Time for another baby Lala come on. All three baddies!!."

This follower stated: "Guy see posh tattoo oh! 😍💧Good God, almighty... looking goodt. Introduce me to little because on the right!! (My right your left) I’ve been looking for her since our last run in!! 😅😂"


This supporter revealed: "It looks like we need to stop Keeping Up with the Kardashians and keep up with these three beautiful ladies."

In a new interview, La La revealed how Melo won her back: “Pray a lot. Believe in God. Talk to people that I know have my best interest at heart. Hold each other accountable for things that we could both be doing in the marriage. Making the marriage a priority. When you live in this world and its work, and it’s children, it’s this, it’s that, it’s easy to forget about the marriage, and you have to remember to put the marriage at the forefront. I think that people just kind of always assume that it’ll be there and they forget that that’s work in itself.”


She added: "I think that marriages are hard and I always see whoever tells you differently, they’d be lying. I’ve been with my husband for 14 years now, so if you think you’re going to go through 14 years without no bumps or bruises in the road, you’re fooling yourself. It’s about how you respond to it, and sometimes things happen just to make the unit stronger and help you guys grow. And I think that’s been the case for us…we’re still working through some things, but I’m happy to be in a much better place right now.”

La La is looking great after saving her marriage.

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