La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo's Move To Oklahoma Might Help Save Their Marriage

La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo's Move To Oklahoma Might Help Save Their Marriage

Carmelo Anthony has finally given La La a reason to smile.

It is being claimed the Power actress is thrilled that her estranged spouse is leaving New York.

The Knicks on Saturday confirmed the long-running rumor that Carmelo was being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The mother of one, who filed for divorce earlier this year, is hoping to reconcile, and she believes that moving to quiet and serene Oklahoma will help save the romance.

A source close to the former radio personality explained: “Clearly an issue with La La and Carmelo was his attitude being very negative. That attitude clearly stemmed from how he was treated by the Knicks organization. He just was very stressed and ended up taking out his emotions on La La. They both blame the issues with the team being a boiling point that rolled over to enhance the issues with their relationship. But now that Carmelo is gone and now on a team that is clearly a contender for a championship, it has changed Carmelo‘s attitude immensely and may be the catalyst to save the marriage.”

The person went on to say: “Right now La La is taking it slow; she does not feel like she needs to rush into a decision either way. She is going to take as long as she needs and Carmelo is fine with that because he is using the time to win her back. As long as it is not a ‘no’ [from her], he has got the chance to make it a ‘yes.’ .”

The curvy star, who is famous for sharing stunning selfies of herself, is more focused on her acting career and helping the people of her home island of Puerto Rico that was hit by hurricane Maria.

She explained: "FINALLY!! Meet MICHA from my latest film @DoubleplayMovie.This was such an important film for me & an experience in Curaçao I will never forget. Grab tickets to the screening @urbanworldfilmfest on Friday in NYC! Come see this movie & hang with us! It's gonna be an amazing night!!"

She added: "Praying hard for my family and friends back home in Puerto Rico. mi isla bonita AND to everyone in Mexico sending prayers. This is so sad."

It will be interesting to see how the NBA star will handle all of this.

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