La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Wants To Save Their Marriage -- He Is Hooked On Her Photos From Social Media

La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Wants To Save Their Marriage -- He Is Hooked On Her Photos From Social Media

An Instagram picture can go a long way, Carmelo Anthony, who has been going crazy over La La's hot posts, is now ready to fight to save his marriage.

The pair was married for seven years when a woman by the name of Mia Angel Burks dropped a major bombshell in April of 2017.

Burks claimed she had an affair with Carmelo and she was pregnant with his child.

La La rapidly filed for divorce, and since then she has been focusing on her son and various businesses.

The 38-year-old fashion designer often shares raunchy bikini photos on social media, and they caught her spouse's attention.

Anyone, who looks at La La, can understand why her estranged hubby cannot let her go.

According to several reports, Carmelo is trying to get his wife back -- he promised her to keep his hands to himself and is willing to go to couples therapy.

The Power actress is ready to reconcile, but there are certain conditions.

A source close to the mom of one told a well-known publication: “La La is taking it one day at a time with Carmelo, but there’s a lot of hope for them. She is still in love with him and in her heart does not want the marriage to be over. But she is never going back to the way it was.”

The chatty family friend went on to say: “Before this split things were so one sided, he had all the power. Now things have flipped, and she is the one in charge, and she is loving it. As painful as this separation has been for her she is now saying it is the best thing that could have happened. It brought all their problems into the light and made Carmelo realize how screwed up his priorities were. He is putting her first again and proving he is willing to do anything to hang on to her.”

There is no need for insiders on this story.

A few weeks ago, La La sat down on The Wendy Williams Show and said the marriage is not over as yet.

She said: “Not right now. You know, marriages are touch, and you know that. We all know that. It is filled with ups and downs. We are just going through a tough time right now.”

La La also said that she was not in a rush to take him back.

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