La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Is Ready To Fight For Their Marriage

La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Is Ready To Fight For Their Marriage

Carmelo Anthony is an athlete, and is, therefore, up for any challenge -- and he is now facing a very tough one -- get La La back.

The basketball player is telling friends that he will work as hard as he can and no matter how long it takes to win La La back.

The father of one said that he is up to the challenge. The famous couple split earlier this year after seven years of marriage.

The Power actress filed for divorce after learning that Carmelo cheated with a young woman who might be pregnant with his baby.

However, as the months went by, La La softened her position on the divorce.

While she is willing to work on her marriage via therapy, she is not in a rush to move back in with him.

A source close to the radio personality said: “Right now La La is taking it slow; she does not feel like she needs to rush into a decision either way. She is going to take as long as she needs and Carmelo is fine with that because he is using the time to win her back. As long as it is not a ‘no’ [from her], he has got the chance to make it a ‘yes.’ He is up for the challenge; he is very clear he wants her back and will wait as long as she needs.”

Carmelo is willing to give his estranged wife all the time and space that she needs.

Meanwhile, La Las has turned to her good friend, Beyonce for advice.

The person explained: “She is not telling her what to do, but she has given her a lot of hope that things can get better. If she chooses to, she can move past the anger and find a place of total forgiveness and trust. Beyonce has told her to take things very slowly and listen to her heart and no one else. There are a lot of people telling La La to give up on Carmelo, but Beyonce is not one of them. She believes it is possible that they can come out of this stronger than ever.”

At this point, winning La La back might be harder than the NBA title.

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