La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Is Hopeful That Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Will Help His Family Stay Together

La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Is Hopeful That Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Will Help His Family Stay Together

A hopeful Carmelo Anthony is looking forward to leaving New York for La La and their son to focus on what matters -- the family.

Over the weekend, it was made official that the New York Knicks had opted to trade Carmelo to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

While the NBA player was born and raised in the Big Apple and loves the state, he is more than happy to pack and move to a more quiet and peaceful place.

The famous couple had a very tough 2017.

In the Spring, the Power actress filed for divorce after finding out that the athlete had cheated on her with a college student.

However, after thinking the matter through and receiving multiple apologies from the father of her little boy, La La has decided to forgive him.

And according to the latest rumors, she will be moving to Oklahoma with him to continue working on their marriage.

A chatty insider stated in a well-known publication: “They are super psyched about the trade. He is hoping that he and La La can use it as a fresh start.”

They believe that the change of atmosphere will help eliminate some of the stress that was added to the marriage.

The pal shared: “The past year has just been full of stress and heartbreak, and Carmelo wants to get his marriage back on track more than anything. He believes that a change of scenery, a new home, a different team and a fresh set of friends could be the perfect remedy, and a way to draw a line under their issues once and for all.”

Melo is also optimistic about winning the championship this time around.

The person revealed: “But now that Carmelo is gone and now on a team that is clearly a contender for a championship, it has changed Carmelo’s attitude immensely and may be the catalyst to save the marriage.”

It is being claimed that friends like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are telling La La to do all she can to stay with her man.

The source went on to say: “La La‘s friends all have different opinions on whether or not she should take Carmelo back. Kim Kardashian is encouraging her to work it out. She loves them together and thinks it is worth fixing.”

Many commenters believe that they will stay together.

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