La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Is Angry She Did Not Invite Him To Ludacris' Birthday Party In France

La La Anthony's Husband Carmelo Is Angry She Did Not Invite Him To Ludacris' Birthday Party In France

La La Anthony is now driving her estranged husband, Carmelo, insane. The Power actress, who filed for divorce earlier this year, is open to taking the basketball star back but before she does that she has decided to have some fun at his expense.

Recently, the mother of one flew to Paris, France to attend a lavish birthday bash thrown for rapper Ludacris who turned 40.

La La dazzled at the event in a black gown that showed her ample assets.

The former radio personality shared a few photos from the event online, and according to a source, Carmelo became very jealous.

The athlete was not thrilled that he was not invited to the event.

He was hoping to be present to shower her with compliments and party with her. At this point, he will do anything to spend time with the woman he loves.

The insider shared: “La La has got to have her cake and eat it too. Carmelo is basically at her beck and call whenever she wants him, and when she wants her space, she takes it. She just went to Paris for Ludacris’ big 40th birthday party, and she had the best time. She left Carmelo in New York with their son. Carmelo was upset she told him he was not invited, he thought for sure he was going with her.”

The person went on to say that Carmelo is willing to give therapy a try to save his marriage, but La La is not in a rush to reconcile.

The chatty source went on to say: “Right now La La is taking it slow; she does not feel like she needs to rush into a decision either way. She is going to take as long as she needs and Carmelo is fine with that because he is using the time to win her back. As long as it is not a ‘no’ [from her], he has got the chance to make it a ‘yes.’ He is up for the challenge; he is very clear he wants her back and will wait as long as she needs.”

Earlier this year, it was revealed that La La like the rest of the world discovered that Carmelo cheated with a young woman who is allegedly carrying his child.

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