La La Anthony Tells Women The One Thing They Should Never Do Before They Sleep

La La Anthony Tells Women The One Thing They Should Never Do Before They Sleep
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It is a commonly-reiterated tip to remove one’s makeup before going to bed, and that is something most cosmeticians and beauty specialists tend to tell their customers on a regular basis.

And even though La La Anthony is known for her stylish looks and attention to details in her appearance, it seems like even she is prone to ignoring some of the golden rules from time to time.

La La recently revealed that she occasionally forgets to remove her own makeup before going to bed, and urged her fans to be more careful, unlike her.

She said: “I was so tired last night. I woke up, and Ashley was in the room. She said, ‘you didn’t take your makeup off from last night?’ But I was so tired, but I’m not advising that,” she said. “I got to get better at it.”

Still, it does not seem like this has done much to impact her looks in any negative way. La La still looks as good as ever, and in fact, some of her fans have noted that she has been picking up the pace in this regard, and has shown an even more stunning side of herself recently.

La La has never been shy about the fact that she spends a lot of time preparing for her appearances, and she is very dedicated to that, and she has occasionally shared some tips with her fans as well.

Carmelo Anthony’s wife recently opened up on the fact that her skincare routine is in a messy state right now, admitting that she could probably do a better job at maintaining herself in this regard.

The Power and Beverly Hills 90210 actress confessed: “I have to do a better job at my skincare routine. My best friend, Kelly Rowland, is the master at all of that. She’s constantly sending me products, and every time we FaceTime, she has a mask on and then a whole beauty light or an LED light on her face. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I want to encourage all my people to make sure you do wash your face every night and take all the makeup off.”

Many of La La’s fans were quick to console her in their comments, telling her that she still looked amazing despite her own concerns.

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