La La Anthony Shares Cute Photo With Carmelo And Kiyan Amid Rumors She Is Pregnant

La La Anthony Shares Cute Photo With Carmelo And Kiyan Amid Rumors She Is Pregnant
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It seems that La La Anthony and her estranged husband, Carmelo, are back together again as rumors claim that they have a baby on the way.

This week, the Power actress took to social media where she shared a sweet picture of the two most important people in her life -- Melo and her cutie pie son, Kiyan.

La La also dropped a few pictures where her killer curves are on display, but most of the comments are about the fact that Carmelo has not acknowledged his alleged love child, Genesis Harlo, whom he shares with his former mistress, Mia Angel Burks.

One fan defended La La: "The new year is ahead of us, as a 365-page book, waiting to be written by you. Make sure to write a good one. have a wonderful 2019. Damn, that’s your twin. Just have his mother skin tone. @amelo you had the name first babe. Your son your half?❤️Glad Melo is with his son!"

Another commenter said: "It kills me some of the disrespectful crap some of ya'll say on her page. These are real live human people. Not objects. Damn. No respect. people are always bringing some stuff up that hurts someone that lady is focused on her family no one else. This entire marriage makes me happy. Your boys look so excited."

This supporter claimed: "Wow! You all have a beautiful son people want yall together. I'm definitely a fan of both. Unless you've been in this exact situation, maybe you should try to come to terms and understand the betrayal @lala feels when she looks at her husband. Yes, that child is his, but it will take time for her to fully accept what he did. His daughter is innocent, yes, but unless you're best friends with the child's mother, there is another side to this story that no one but GOD is privy to. I come from a place in my own marriage where it has taken 4 years to learn forgiveness is not mine to give - and before you go there, yes I took my husband back as well yet, unfortunately, we don't get to see my stepdaughter as all her mother wants our $$ #lifelessons #"

La La is ready to put the drama of 2018 behind.

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