La La Anthony Reunites With Husband Carmelo Anthony And Pranks Her Son In Hilarious Video Where Kiyan Says He Is The Boss

La La Anthony Reunites With Husband Carmelo Anthony And Pranks Her Son In Hilarious Video Where Kiyan Says He Is The Boss
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It seems that La La Anthony loves to play pranks on her 12-year-old son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, even if he does not always appreciate his mother's sense of humor.

In a recent update of her Instagram page, La La, who reunited with Carmelo, shared an adorable video clip that was made by her angry son, who got annoyed by her latest joke.

The television personality had a habit of leaving Christmas elves around the house for the kid because, in the caption of the post, she wrote that she does this every year.

However, it appears Kiyan was sick and tired of finding the figures everywhere because, after the discovery of the last Christmas elf, he recorded his reaction on the video to send for his mother to see.

In the footage, the angry boy can be seen walking around the family home with the new festive ornament in his hand, and he talks about how he had enough of his mother's pranks.

She said: "Every year I torture my poor kid with these damn elves on the shelves不不不I hide them in so many different places & every time he thinks he gets rid of one another one pops up!!不不不he sent me this video when he found the most recent one 不hes pissed不I need help仄賤儭不不 #elfontheshelf."

The post was instantly liked by thousands of people, and many regarded Kiyan's reaction as cute and funny.

A lot of followers were particularly impressed by him saying the elves were going on his nerves or when he stated, "it's over for you!" to his mother.

One person said: "What an amazingly beautiful woman u are, ma. Keep being u and standing out. You have many looking up to you, including myself. What a beautiful being you are."

This backer shared: "Its over for you. 拎拎拎拎咆e is so hood with it! 不"

La La Anthony and her son made news recently when it became known that the Total Request Live star made Kiyan watch each of his father's, Carmelo Anthony, basketball games.

La La and Carmelo got married back in 2010 and since then kept their relationship going on despite some struggles they faced two years ago when it was rumored that the basketball star was cheating on his wife.

The couple seems to be strong now.

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