La La Anthony Reaches To Kim Kardashian For Support Amid Carmelo Anthony Divorce And Mia Burks Pregnancy Rumor

La La Anthony Reaches To Kim Kardashian For Support Amid Carmelo Anthony Divorce And Mia Burks Pregnancy Rumor
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La La Anthony, born Vasquez, has turned to her BFF, Kim Kardashian, as she goes through her divorce from Carmelo Anthony and allegations that Mia Burks might be pregnant for her soon-to-be ex-husband.

On Tuesday, it was confirmed by several media outlets that the "Power" actress and the basketball player had gone their separate ways after seven years of marriage.

Rumors are swirling around claiming that Mrs. Anthony ended it after she learned that her spouse had impregnated Burks.

TMZ claims that Miss Burks is a dancer while other websites say she is a PhD candidate from Chicago and a social worker. She is said to be six and a half months pregnant.

A friend in need is a friend indeed as Mrs. Anthony has been crying her pain away on Kardashian's shoulders, according to insiders.

The pair has been friends for many years, and Anthony was present for the reality star after the robbery in Paris, France, and her difficulties to conceive her second baby.

Now, it is Kanye West's wife who is being supportive.

The spy claimed: “La La [Anthony] has always been a caring friend of Kim [Kardashian]‘s, supporting her through a number of difficult times.When Kim was robbed in Paris, La La rushed to her side the moment she got back to NYC. She’s been there for Kim time and again whenever her friend needed. They have helped each other get through many relationship struggles over the years.”

The person added: “Carmelo cheated on La La which was the catalyst of many of their troubles. Then, the last few months, all of the rumors that he was being traded [by the Knicks] didn’t help matters, either. One thing after the next piled on, and that was why they separated. La La was just not having any of it anymore.”

It is being claimed that Anthony was left heartbroken by the split.

The spy shared: “She is crushed that her marriage is ending and has been leaning on Kim Kardashian [36]. Kim has been great about listening to La La cry over the breakup… Kim has really been a rock during this difficult time.”

it is nice to see Kardashian showing a different side of her personality.

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  • DarkStarCowboy
    DarkStarCowboy Apr 20, 2017 5:06 AM PDT

    If she's reaching to Kim Kardashian , then I don't blame Carmelo for cheating. I would want to be as far away as possible from them type women. Who would want a wife like that ?

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