La La Anthony Melts Hearts With New Adorable Photo Of Husband Carmelo Anthony And Their Son, Kiyan

La La Anthony Melts Hearts With New Adorable Photo Of Husband Carmelo Anthony And Their Son, Kiyan
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Model and actress La La Anthony recently took to social media where melted fans' hearts with a fantastic photo that features the loves of her life.

La La opted to share a beautiful never-before-seen photo of NBA star Carmelo Anthony and their 13-year-old son, Kiyan.

The Power actress made sure to explain that the picture was taken before the family decided to self-quarantine together in New York due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

In the cute photo, the father and son duo is smiling from ear to ear as they dine at a restaurant. The picture came just days after Kiyan confirmed that his family was living under the same roof in a sweet rap video.

In a TikTok video on his Instagram, Kiyan used the song "The Box" by Roddy Ricch to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

He rapped: "Pullin' out the broom and the mop/ Trying get the COVID to stop/Bussin' all the drip out the box…/Can't play basketball, Imma get lazy/ Playing dad one-on-one, it's getting crazy/ So stay inside your crib take it easy…/ Call my family and friends/ They might need me."

In a recent interview, La La opened up about the joys of motherhood by saying: "Kiyan is the best thing that ever happened to me. He's what I'm most proud of. Having him is the most badass thing I've ever done, so I definitely feel most powerful when I'm in mom mode."

She added: "My mom always made it work with whatever she had to keep our family together, even when she was a single parent. That's why my goal in life was always to not be broke. It wasn't about having a career; I didn't even know what I wanted to do. But I knew what being broke felt like, and I never wanted to have that feeling again."

She also spoke about her new role on Season 3 of Lena Waithe's Showtime series, The Chi : "I play a chef from the hood who's trying to be respected in her field, but people don't take her seriously. I can't cook for sh*t. I've been trying to learn for the show because I realized that I've been relying on my son to feed both of us. He took a cooking class in school and makes a great breakfast."

La La is conquering new grounds.

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