La La Anthony Is Freaking Out After Her Son, Kiyan, Made This Revelation -- What Does Carmelo Anthony Think About It?

La La Anthony Is Freaking Out After Her Son, Kiyan, Made This Revelation -- What Does Carmelo Anthony Think About It?
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Power actress La La Anthony has revealed that some developments around her have made her worried about her son’s wellbeing.

Carmelo Anthony’s son, Kiyan, is 12 years old and has started to explore the world of dating, and has been eager to get his first girlfriend. And while most mothers would be proud of that, La La is now losing sleep over the milestone.

In a new interview, La La confessed that she is terrified of the idea of her son, Kiyan, dating, and has been trying to protect him from the “dangers” that lie in this part of life for him.

The businesswoman said: “I’m terrified [of his teenage years]. I’m completely terrified [of] girls. He’s starting to like girls, and … that scares me.”

However, this has drawn some criticism from her fans, many of whom seem to believe that she might be overprotective.

Some have speculated that her fears are more than normal because Kiyan is her only child and she wants the best for him.

In the same interview, La La spoke about her relationship with her pre-teen son by saying: “He’s, like, past me trying to pick out clothes for him now. I’m like, ‘You should wear this,’ [but] he knows precisely how he wants to dress. He loves sweatsuits, and he loves [activewear]. He’s very particular about his sneakers. He has his own style, for sure.”

She added: “I actually put a dress on before this one, and he was like, ‘Ma, don’t wear that.’ I was like, ‘What?’ He was like, ‘That’s not a good dress.’”

She was asked if she wanted to have more children, she responded by: “I’m done. My son has fulfilled me in every single possible way, so I think I’m done, yes. [Motherhood] changed my life. My son is my best friend. I live for my son.”

La La and Carmelo got married in 2010, announced their divorce in 2017 and reconciled in late 2018, and split earlier this year after the Sara Smiri drama.

A source told US Weekly : “[They] truly still love one another. It’s so obvious when they’re together. They also both want what’s best for their son and are committed to being a family..they are still living separately, and Kiyan is a part of the reason their union has lasted so long.”

La La is building a strong brand.

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