La La Anthony - How Does She Feel About Carmelo Leaving NYC After Their Reunion?

La La Anthony - How Does She Feel About Carmelo Leaving NYC After Their Reunion?
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How does La La feel about her husband’s team transfer? As fans know, following their reunion, Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Chicago Bulls!

Melo was traded to play for the Chicago Bulls, and his ultimate goal is to eventually transfer to the Los Angeles Lakers!

That being said, he will have to leave NYC and therefore his significant other, not too long after they rekindled their relationship.

Will the distance affect their marriage?

Long-distance relationships are pretty hard work, and after their split, people think La La and Carmelo need more time together to work on it.

With that in mind, fans are wondering whether or not Carmelo leaving New York City will ruin everything for them.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Carmelo is all about La La and making her happy and knows how much New York means to her, so he’ is not putting pressure on her to move. La La is the one that will make that call, and so far she's planning to stay in New York no matter where Carmelo ends up getting traded.’

They went on to explain that ‘They're back together and very happy but La La’s priority is her son [Kiyan, 11] and she feels like the best thing for him is to stay in New York. He is settled here, and it’s where he’s always known, and her family's in New York, so I don’t see her moving. She'll travel to be with Carmelo and support him, but as far as moving away it is just not likely going to happen.’

La La’s whole life, as well as her son’s, is in New York so expecting her to follow Carmelo, especially since he travels so much, is not realistic and it may even be too much to ask of her.

But since the insider claims they are stronger than ever, it sounds like they will make sure to find a way that works for them.

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