Kylie Jenner's Ex-Boyfriend Tyga Thinks Travis Scott Is Trying To Buy Her Love

Kylie Jenner's Ex-Boyfriend Tyga Thinks Travis Scott Is Trying To Buy Her Love
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It was revealed that Kylie Jenner received a $1.4 million Ferrari push present from baby daddy Travis Scott.

A new report claims that Tyga, who is Jenner's former boyfriend, finds the gift unoriginal because he used to shower her with pricey items when they were dating.

According to Hollywood Life , Tyga believes that Scott is trying to buy Jenner's love with luxury goods.

The person, who seems to be in the know, revealed: "Tyga feels disrespected over Kylie’s new Ferrari. Tyga thinks Travis should quit trying to bite his style and come up with something new if he wants to impress Kylie. Otherwise, Travis is just trying to fill in the space Tyga left, which Tyga feels Travis will never be able to do. Tyga is confident he was Kylie’s first love and what they had can never be duplicated, so Travis should stop trying so hard.”

One fan sided with Tyga by saying: "Why would u get a push present like that? Oh like she is going to get a car seat into that! Let alone get baby in n out easily. Yea people r going to tell me 'she'll drive it when she's alone' shes had a kid! Shes never alone anymore. Oh no that's right shes rich n can go out every day without bubs coz she got nannies feeding n changing her baby.. wat ever happened to stay home n just to stare at ur baby? I didn't leave my house for like three weeks... I spent my free time staring at the beautiful human me, and my partner had made!"

Another commenter asked people to leave Jenner alone: "I think there must be more important things to talk about on social media, tabloids, why are people so obsessed with trivial stuff like this? She's a rich, entitled child having a car like this is nothing to any of them. It's normal. Self-obsession is not attractive it comes across as desperate for attention. Not being in touch with actual life's reality does a huge disservice to a person. There are so many cool things to find if the focus is not on yourself every day. That's not reality."

Tyga seems unwilling to let Kylie go.

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