Kylie Jenner Will Spend Millions For Birthday Celebration As Fans Speculate Travis Scott Will Propose

Kylie Jenner Will Spend Millions For Birthday Celebration As Fans Speculate Travis Scott Will Propose
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Kylie Jenner's birthday is approaching fast, and it looks like she is going to go all out in her celebrations this year.

Recent reports indicate that she has rented a giant yacht, compared to the size of a football field, and is about to throw herself a fantastic vacation.

Despite the yacht's large size, its capacity is still only good for 22 guests, according to reports, which would indicate that each person attending would be surrounded by a lot of luxury.

The boat reportedly costs $250 million and costs more than $1 million per week to rent. Of course, Kylie should have no problem shelling out something along those lines for her own birthday, and she has been determined to make that clear to the world.

Not much else is known about her upcoming celebration plans right now, and the exact guest list is not out yet.

Many luxuries are available onboard, including a full-blown movie theater, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and more. The whole yacht is run by 29 crew members who will be in full attendance during the celebrations.

It is also not known where the birthday is going to take place exactly, although some reports have been coming out indicating that the yacht is already making contracts with various ports in the Mediterranean.

That could give some hints regarding Kylie's intentions, though of course, fans expect her to keep the situation more or less secret until the actual celebration itself has rolled around. At which point, Instagram will likely tell the full story.

Kylie recently shared a sweet video of her house covered with red rose petals thanks to Travis Scott and fans had a lot to say.

One person replied: "He’s gonna propose I JUST KNOW IT!!!! I see why so many people are alone. This is a beautiful act of showing love. Go, girl. Enjoy ur happy."

Another commenter stated: "Her maid must hate him coz he keeps doing this, and I know for a fact it doesn’t excite the cleaner 🤣🤣"

This backer wrote: "This is so ridicules, two mass shootings over the weekend, these people need to find meaningful things to do with their wealth. Smh. A waste of money 💰. Please I know it’s a nice gesture, but you could probably feed a whole bunch of starving families with that amount of money. Smh. I would have just been cool with a Popeyes spicy chicken tender meal red beans and rice on the side and a bottle of pink Moscato...... That’s just me tho🤷🏽‍♀️Gotta get creative when you’re trying to impress a billionaire �.�"

Kylie is living large.

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