Kylie Jenner, Who? Rob Kardashian Wins Social Media And 2019 With New Video Of His Amazing Body Transformation

Kylie Jenner, Who? Rob Kardashian Wins Social Media And 2019 With New Video Of His Amazing Body Transformation
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Unlike his famous sisters, Rob Kardashian has been absent for most of the drama that has been going on in his prominent family, as he has been trying to live more privately in recent years.

According to some theories, the reason why the only son of Kris Jenner does not appear in public events so often as he used to is because of the problems he had with his former girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Dream, Blac Chyna.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur also gained a considerable amount of weight due to health issues, which reportedly caused him to fall into depression and avoid public outings as much as possible.

However, it seems that Rob is finally coming out of isolation, and he has started to take better care of himself and his body.

The younger brother of Kim Kardashian wanted to get back in shape and return to the person he was before the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians got so famous.

Allegedly, the biggest inspiration for Kardashian’s change was his three-year-old daughter, Dream, and he wanted to be healthy for her.

Meanwhile, Rob’s transformation became more apparent when he uploaded a new photo on his Instagram recently.

In the picture, which appears to be from Kris Jenner’s Halloween party, mother and son are posing together in hilarious costumes, and the father of one looks considerably slimmer and happier than before.

The post generated a lot of likes, and people rushed to congratulate Rob on his physical change. A lot of his followers also expressed excitement from seeing him doing so much better.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed this is how Rob shed the pounds and got his groove back: “Rob has altogether quit drinking alcohol and is drinking a ton of water right now. He’s eating a lot better, too, but he knows getting rid of the drinking was a huge, important step, mentally and physically. That’s really how he’s lost a lot of the weight.

The insider shared: “He’s always been an amazing father, but he didn’t like to be seen due to his own insecurities, so wanting to take Dream out to do things, something he didn’t love doing before, and to family functions again is such a blessing. He’s telling everyone he’s feeling good.”

Rob is starting 2020 on better footing.

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