Kylie Jenner Wears Another Banana-Yellow Wig And Pairs It With A Flesh-Colored Fishnet Catsuit

Kylie Jenner Wears Another Banana-Yellow Wig And Pairs It With A Flesh-Colored Fishnet Catsuit
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

First, Kylie Jenner wore a banana-yellow waist-length wig with a gray and blue minidress. Now, she's wearing the same color wig only in a chin-length bob style. The 22-year-old billionaire is getting mixed reactions from this hair color, but it doesn't seem to be fazing her as she continues to share photos on her official Instagram account wearing the vivid hue. Her latest photos featured Kylie sitting on a countertop in gray sweats and with a Birkin purse that costs approximately $150,000. Next,  the baby Jenner shared a photo of herself getting ready to go out for the night while wearing the wig, a full face of makeup, and a flesh-colored fishnet catsuit over what is possibly Skims or some other type of undergarment.

The yellow-wig photos follow recent backlash Kylie received after sharing throwback photos of herself with platinum blonde ponytails that were styled in twists. Kylie was accused of cultural appropriation for the look and quickly deleted the photos. Now, some are leaving negative feedback regarding the yellow wig, but she isn't being slammed for stealing anyone's culture!

Not only is Kylie showing off her new yellow wig, but she's also showing off a Hermes handbag! Kylie has been displaying some of her wealth lately, and you can see some Prada shoes in her Instagram story.

You may also see the photo of Kylie decked out in jewelry, wearing Aquazzura heels, and a Hermes bag hanging from her shoulder in the photo below.

Kylie's been adding yellow emojis to her posts featuring the yellow wig and she chose a lot of gold tones in her outfit. Though the catsuit is nearly a nude color, her Aquazzura heels have a gold toe and her Hermes bag is also a metallic hue. Despite the expensive accessories, many are saying they prefer Kylie's hair its natural dark brown color and they aren't sure why the reality star is choosing to wear a bright yellow wig.

What do you think about the yellow wig on Kylie? She frequently wears her hair in a chin-length bob but it's been a while since she's worn vivid colors. Do you like the yellow wig on her? What do you think of her outfit?

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