Kylie Jenner Wants To Marry Travis Scott, But She Has Something More Important She Needs To Do Before

 Kylie Jenner Wants To Marry Travis Scott, But She Has Something More Important She Needs To Do Before
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Kylie Jenner is thinking about getting married to her baby daddy, Travis Scott, but she has plans to do something even more critical before walking down the aisle.

For the past few weeks, the power couple has been having the time of their lives in Italy where a considerable birthday celebration took place on a yacht for Kylie who turned 22.

Many rumors were swirling around claiming the pair might get married after one of Kylie’s staff members was seen with a long white dress and a black suit.

However, a source, who spoke to Hollywood Life , explained they are talking about having a second child before getting married.

The family friend told the media outlet: “Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott still have no plans to get married. They planned this trip sort of last-minute as Kylie originally wanted to do a big birthday bash in LA with friends and family, but changed her mind because she wanted to do everything with Stormi.”

The insider went on to say: “They both made it a point, of course, to be together to celebrate Kylie’s birthday. She’s really enjoying this trip with her family and not thinking about a wedding. She knows she’s so young and still would like to have another baby and doesn’t need to be married to do that. The baby will still absolutely come first.”

The source continued: “They’ve made it clear they’re committed to one another and thrilled with what they have and where things are between them. Kylie is so focused on being a mom, and she takes Stormi everywhere with her. She has nannies but doesn’t use them as much as people would think. She wants to do everything herself. She’s a fantastic mother.”

It was previously revealed that the lovebirds would prefer to focus on their careers before tying the knot.

A second source claimed: “Travis is in no rush to marry Kylie, and if it ever does happen, it won’t happen anytime soon. Although it’s been something they’ve talked about in the past, people shouldn’t expect to hear wedding bells shortly.”

The pal concluded by: “Right now they’re both just focused on their careers and expanding their empires as much as possible. They feel like their relationship is perfect the way it is, and there’s no need to rush things while they’re both so young.”

Kylie and Travis are in no rush to walk down the aisle.

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