Kylie Jenner Under Attack For New 'Tone Deaf' Makeup Products

Kylie Jenner Under Attack For New 'Tone Deaf' Makeup Products
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According to a report from, Kylie Jenner revealed earlier this week that she's creating yet another line to her batch of cosmetics products. However, some fans aren't pleased with her choice of products and marketing.

Kylie, this past Thursday, announced to her fans on Instagram that she would be launching a "Birthday Collection," alluding to her upcoming 22nd birthday on the 10th of August. The star told her followers that the theme was going to be "money."

Taking inspiration from the $100 bill featuring Benjamin Franklin's face, the star used other money bills to influence her design in products such as highlighters, eye palettes, and lip glosses. For instance, a package of three lipsticks is made out to look like a roll of $20 bills.

Some of her choice in names for the products included, "Money Ain't Everything," "On A Budget," and "Work For It." Moreover, one palette, in particular, references the classic 1996 movie, Swingers, in which a character refers to people as "money."

Addressing some of her fans' worries, the 21-year-old reality star said she would donate some of the money to various charitable organizations. Furthermore, Kylie said she has a "special person" working with her in the design of the products.

Let's hope Kylie's newest product launch goes without a hitch, unlike Kim Kardashian's recent Kimono line, that used the name of the traditional Japanese outfit as a marketing tool. Kim had to apologize following the backlash, especially as the Mayor of Tokyo released a statement in which he described the cultural importance of the Kimono.

Following the backlash, Kim came out with a statement explaining her decision to name her latest line "Kimono," as well as adding that she never had intentions to offend or insult anybody at all.

As most know, the Kardashian-Jenner clan are no strangers to controversy surrounding product launches and promotional campaigns. Kylie and Kendall once came under fire for superimposing images of their faces over copyrighted images, among those included The Notorious BIG, Tupac, and Ozzy Osbourne.


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