Kylie Jenner Turns Baby Stormi's First Words Into A Shameless Marketing Ploy With This Cute Video

Kylie Jenner Turns Baby Stormi's First Words Into A Shameless Marketing Ploy With This Cute Video

Baby Stormi Webster has taken over Kylie Jenner's Instagram account and her heart, soul, and mind.

The first-time mother shared a series of photos where papa Travis Scott is showering Stormi with kisses.

Kylie melted hearts with a cute clip where she is trying to get her daughter to say Kylie Cosmetics instead Stormi said her first-word, dada, prompting her mother to burst out with laughter.

Kylie captioned the sweet video: "Trying to teach her some new words ??????."

One fan told Kylie: "Imagine your baby trying to say" I Love You" and your mom Tryna make you advertise her product line... ?Why dadda is the first word, they always say!??.I love baby gibberish."

Another said: "Kylie: Kylie cosmetics. Kylie cosmetics. Stormi: dada. AwwwThis makes me want to have my first child ?? to cute."

Meanwhile, Kylie is said to be loving the role of wifey while on tour with Travis.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Even though it’s always pretty hectic on tour, Kylie [Jenner] and Travis [Scott] have managed to get into their own kind of routine, which is really important as they have Stormi with them. Kylie is enjoying being on tour a lot more than she thought she would, and she’s getting a kick out of playing "wifey" to Travis.”

Another commenter explained: “They have their own chef who prepares all their meals for them, but Kylie’s been really enjoying dabbling in the kitchen too, whipping up her famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Travis, as that’s his favorite thing that she makes. By the time Travis finishes performing, Kylie has already gotten Stormi settled down for the night, and after Travis gives the baby a goodnight kiss, he and Kylie always make sure they have some special one-on-one time together, during which they unwind, talk about the day, and just chill out. Kylie is loving every minute of being on the road with Travis, and it’s reciprocal — Travis says this is the most enjoyable tour he’s ever embarked on, and he says it’s because his two favorite ladies are right there with him.”

Kylie is turning everything into gold.

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