Kylie Jenner Takes Comfort In Daughter Stormi Webster After Forbes' Billionaire Scandal

Kylie Jenner Takes Comfort In Daughter Stormi Webster After Forbes' Billionaire Scandal
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner is taking comfort in her daughter Stormi Webster following the Forbes' billionaire scandal. Forbes abruptly kicked Kylie off their coveted list of billionaires much to her shock and horror. Forbes first named Kylie the world's youngest self-made billionaire, two years in a row, then went public to say that Kylie wasn't a billionaire at all and that her estimated worth was closer to $900 million. She immediately issued a response to Forbes after the publication alleged that she wasn't truthful about her earnings and tax records, as reported by Ricki Mathers. Now, there's a concern there may be a criminal investigation into the matter and if Kylie wasn't truthful, there could be serious consequences to pay. The Forbes' fiasco came during the height of the Coronavirus crisis and several months of the family self-isolating due to the deadly pandemic.

Kylie Jenner has reportedly spent quarantine with Stormi Webster's dad, Travis Scott and there have been rumors the two are back together. At this point, it is unclear if Kylie and Travis are a couple, but it appears that the person she is leaning on during her time of trouble is Stormi.

On Sunday, June 7, 2020, Kylie Jenner shared a photo of herself clutching her mini-me daughter and included the following caption.

My remedy for everything 🤍

You may see the photo that Kylie Jenner shared with her 180.1 million Instagram followers below.

Kylie's fans have been extremely worried about her since Forbes removed her from their list and took her title of being the youngest self-made billionaire away from her. At this point, it is unclear who is correct — Forbes or Kylie Jenner but it does appear the situation is weighing on Kylie.

Kylie's photo was a sweet and touching reminder that when life throws us a curveball, the most important thing to do is focus on the things that are most important — our loved ones.

In addition to Kylie's recent photo of herself tightly embracing Stormi Webster, the 22-year-old recently made headlines for how well-behaved Stormi is having proved that she has incredible patience for a two-year-old.

What do you think about Kylie's latest photo? Were you surprised the Forbes removed Kylie from their billionaire list?

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