Kylie Jenner Shows Up For Halloween Dressed As An Angel

Kylie Jenner Shows Up For Halloween Dressed As An Angel
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This Halloween was mush lowe key than usual for Kylie Jenner. She still gave a glimpse of her costume while hiding her baby bump.

Kylie wore a couples costume for Halloween 2017, but it wasn’t with her boyfriend, Travis Scott who is also allegedly the father of her baby.

Instead, Kylie dressed up as an angel together with her BFF Jordyn Woods, who was costumed as a devil.

They posted pics and videos of their looks all over social media, although they made sure to very carefully take shots of Kylie from the chest up.

More than a month has already passed since news broke that Kylie is pregnant with her first child.

She’s still taking extra caution not to show her pregnant belly to her fans.

Still, the images and videos revealed that Kylie was costumed in some kind of white ensemble with huge wings, with her hair platinum blonde and pulled up into a high ponytail.

It was her beauty look that really stole the show this year, as she wore white eyeshadow and incredible matching mascara, along with diamond earrings.

It's not really clear from Kylie and Jordyn’s social media posts if they went to a party or if they just kept a chill night at home.

Anyway, it's still great that Kylie celebrated the holiday, even if she couldn’t go as all-out as she usually does.

While Ky's stomach was nowhere to be seen, she did flaunt some major pregnancy boobs in one Instagram pics, with her cleavage front and center in the white outfit. Kylie has been keeping super low-key since the baby news but she certainly hasn’t been shy about showing off her chest in her rare social media posts over the last few weeks.


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