Kylie Jenner Showcases Her Best Halloween Looks

Kylie Jenner Showcases Her Best Halloween Looks
Credit: Source: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram

Kylie Jenner is showcasing her best Halloween looks in a photo slideshow that was shared on the official Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account. Kylie is quickly approaching 200 million Instagram followers and her Kylie Cosmetics account has a whopping 24.8 million followers. With Halloween quickly approaching, many fans are excited to see what Kylie and her sisters will dress like this year. The family often poses for a series of Halloween photoshoots and they frequently wear more than one costume per year.

The official Kylie Cosmetics Instagram site shared some throwback photos of Kylie wearing some of her best Halloween looks over the years. Fans were excited to see the looks on the 23-year-old mother of one and some gave their ideas of what they thought Kylie should be for this year.

One of Kylie's most popular looks from the Halloween costume slideshow was the first picture include. In the photo, Kylie Jenner dressed as Barbie and wore a platinum blonde wig, a hot pink one-piece bathing suit, and appeared as if she were in a box for the photo.

In the second photo, Kylie Jenner posed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid Disney movie. She wore Ariel's signature red wig with a green mermaid tail and a purple and white, seashell bra top. Kylie wore contact lenses to make her eyes light.

The third photo received plenty of comments as Kylie Jenner dressed like the five-time Grammy-winning singer, Christina Aguilera. Other Halloween costume choices included a fairy, an angel, and a butterfly.

You may see the Halloween photo slideshow featuring some of Kylie Jenner's best costume looks below.

Of the outfits, many fans selected Christina Aguilera, Barbie, and Ariel, The Little Mermaid as their favorite looks.

What do you think about Kylie Jenner's Halloween costumes? Do you have a favorite look that she wore? Do you have any suggestions for Kylie's 2020 Halloween costume?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic that is spiking across the country, many people will spend this Halloween at home with close family members or participate in social distancing forms of trick or treating.


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