Kylie Jenner Shoots Back At Those Who Accused Her Of Photoshopping Instagram Picture!

Kylie Jenner Shoots Back At Those Who Accused Her Of Photoshopping Instagram Picture!

Kylie Jenner has been accused  of editing one of her sexy pictures on social media to enhance her curves. People claimed the background looked warped.

The makeup mogul was slammed for Photoshopping the photo in which she appeared wearing a white top and puma undies, flaunting her abs and tiny waste.

"@kyliejenner your wall is curved from the edits girl," one user commented.

Other follower accused the 19 year old of setting unreal expectations of beauty and also pointed out that the doorframe looked bent in order to make her waste look really small.

"The curve in the curtains," another user noticed.

Some commenters simply accused the reality TV star of loving, not only Photoshop but also plastic surgery.

But Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat to defend herself against the haters.

She posted a short video in which she explained that the warped background was actually a curtain that was crooked in real life.

"So this is like my selfie mirror and my Snapchat mirror," Kylie stated in the video which she commented, "For the photoshop police."

"So for future, this is a curtain hanging that looks crooked," she stressed.

This is not the first time people accused the 19 years old makeup mogul of Photoshopping her pictures.

Back in 2014, Kylie posted a bikini photo of herself shortly after removing a nearly identical one from her page.

She addressed the issue at the time as well and explained that the reason she deleted the photo was that the app she used made it fuzzy.

Kylie added that she never, not once, used Photoshop on her photos.

Do you think the younger Jenner sister is telling the truth?


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