Kylie Jenner Seeks Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Accused Of Burglarizing A Home In Her Neighborhood

Kylie Jenner Seeks Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Accused Of Burglarizing A Home In Her Neighborhood
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Kylie Jenner is seeking a restraining order against a man who is her alleged stalker and is also accused of burglarizing a home in her Hidden Hills neighborhood. The suspect's name is Justin Bergquist and TMZ broke the story that on Friday, December 4, 2020, Kylie Jenner filed a petition for an order of protection against the man. The story is developing and TMZ didn't state whether the man has ever made contact with Kylie Jenner. TMZ reported the following and stated that when Berquist was apprehended at the scene of an attempted burglary, he stated he was there to see Kylie Jenner.

Bergquist allegedly broke into a home in Kylie's neighborhood last month, left without taking anything -- but came back and tried to get inside the gates again. We're told security stopped him the second time and called the cops, and he told officers he was there to see Kylie.

You may see TMZ's report below.

Celebrity stalkers pose a real and dangerous threat to those who live their lives in the spotlight and someone of Kylie Jenner's magnitude is often targeted. As Bergquist has pleaded not guilty to burglary and is due back in court, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say and whether Kylie Jenner's request for an order of protection will be approved.

The concern is that Bergquist may have thought the home he was at belonged to Kylie Jenner and that he was trying to enter the home. At this point, Bergquist hasn't been convicted of a crime and is presumed innocent.

You may see another report about the alleged stalker Justin Bergquist below.

Kylie Jenner and her family are in Lake Tahoe and some are wondering if the family didn't whisk Kylie away for her own protection.

There will be another update in approximately one month on this developing case.


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