Kylie Jenner Says That Someone She Knows Well Is Infected With COVID-19 During KUWK Trailer!

Kylie Jenner Says That Someone She Knows Well Is Infected With COVID-19 During KUWK Trailer!
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In the latest midseason trailer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner revealed that someone close to the big reality TV family had been infected with COVID-19! The makeup mogul does not mention who it is in the footage they used for the trailer, but she admits that ‘it’s just scary’ to have someone ‘close to home’ in such a danger.

It looks like the global crisis has reached the KarJenners and Kylie opened up about it during a solo confession since she and the rest of the clan have been social distancing from each other as well.

‘It’s just scary when someone so close to home has tested positive,’ the young billionaire mentions on camera.

Kylie sounded really worried and now fans can’t wait to find out who it is when the show comes back.

The teaser also goes on to show how coronavirus has affected the other members of the family as well, including Kris Jenner who has been taking the isolation orders pretty hard, it seems.

It makes sense! After all, the momager is used to being surrounded by all her kids and grandkids and that is currently not possible.

One scene shown in the trailer even shows her breaking down in tears during a conversation with daughter Khloe: ‘Khloe I miss you…I wish I could hug you.’

Speaking of Khloe, she seems to be the more optimistic of the family since she is shown telling viewers that ‘We’re all gonna get through this.’

Season 18 of KUWK was already almost all taped by the time the stay at home orders were given on March 19.

However they still have the finale to shoot so Kim revealed while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that the family is going to take over production, using their phones and tripods to film everything themselves.


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