Kylie Jenner Says Stormi Loves To Eat Sushi And Soy Sauce Rice — Watch Video

Kylie Jenner Says Stormi Loves To Eat Sushi And Soy Sauce Rice — Watch Video
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi Webster may only be 15-months-old but she's already enjoying many foods associated with an acquired taste. While many 15-months-old are enjoying table foods, Stormi Webster is already partaking in some of the world's finest and exotic cuisine.  According to a new video shared by Kylie's friend Heather Sanders, Stormi Webster enjoys sushi and soy sauce rice.

Kylie and Heather went to a restaurant and Heather tried sushi for the first time. Heather and her husband Trell Sanders begin the video by sharing an intimate look at their own family life. Trell had tried to get Heather to experience sushi for quite some time but to no avail. However, on an outing with Kylie Jenner, Heather makes the brave jump as Kylie introduces her to a variety of sushi types. The two enjoy sipping on coca-cola in the video.

During their feast, Kylie opened up a bit about her pregnancy diet and explained she gave up soda until after Stormi was born (though she did enjoy an occasional Sprite) and then discussed Stormi's eating habits, including how she loves edamame and soy sauce rice.

Kylie Jenner stated the following.

"Stormi loves sushi. I’ll take her to Nobu...I don’t feed her anything raw, but she just loves edamame. They’ll bring the whole thing of edamame. She will not stop until it’s all gone. She eats all the edamame. She’ll eat a whole bowl of soy sauce rice."

You may watch the video in the player below. Fast-forward to the 5-minute mark to see Heather Sanders and Kylie Jenner enjoying their sushi meal.

The video went viral and Heather's and Kylie's fans responded favorably to their outing. Though toddlers eating sushi might be looked upon unfavorably by some parents, Kylie stated that she doesn't let Stormi eat raw fish. The only main concern of toddlers eating sushi would be if they developed an allergic reaction to the fish. Other concerns that parents should keep in mind when toddlers are eating include chocking and any type of reaction to the food.

As long as Stormi isn't having reactions to the edamame and soy sauce rice, there isn't any reason why little Stormi shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the treat when dining out with her mom.

What do you think of Stormi's diet? Do you agree with Kylie Jenner letting Stormi eat sushi and soy sauce rice?


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