Kylie Jenner Says She Didn't Hide Her Pregnancy For Anyone But Herself

Kylie Jenner Says She Didn't Hide Her Pregnancy For Anyone But Herself
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Kylie Jenner didn't reveal her pregnancy to the world for a couple of reasons, but now, she stated that she wasn't even intending to keep it under wraps. In a preview for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , the young entrepreneur claimed it was more about protecting her own privacy.

As fans of the reality star know, she hid her pregnancy from the world, including her fans, for the longest time, and didn't reveal she had a baby on the way until after she had given birth to little miss Stormi Webster.

In the sneak preview of the new Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, Kim and Khloe discuss how Kylie was keeping the pregnancy a secret mostly for herself.

"The funniest game ever is the Kylie pregnancy game," Kim remarked, and when Khloe asked why, Kim said that it was amusing to watch what her fan base thought of her and the rumors.

Khloe added that the photos published by TMZ didn't reveal her body shape from the side, and had they done so, it would've been "over for her," meaning everyone would've known.

Kim later spoke with Kylie and Travis Scott over the phone and told them there were photos of them circulating on the internet courtesy of TMZ - the tabloid organization.

Kylie, miraculously, was able to keep it all a secret for the entire nine months of her pregnancy. According to Kim, it is arguably the biggest kept secret of "our generation."

"I'm not trying to keep a secret," the Kylie Cosmetics owner added, "I'm really doing this for myself." Kim gushed, claiming that her friends deserve awards for not bursting her bubble and telling the world because Kim never would've been so lucky back in her day.


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