Kylie Jenner Says Her 'Biggest Fear' Is Dust In A Cup And She Can't Explain Why

Kylie Jenner Says Her 'Biggest Fear' Is Dust In A Cup And She Can't Explain Why
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According to a report from, Kylie Jenner recently stopped by the set of Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous television show to talk about a few different topics. During a very fast Q&A session which Ellen has given the title, "Burning Questions," the star asked her some very intimate questions.

Kylie, who was sitting with her baby in her lap, told Ellen some of her most personal lifestyle details, including what kind of trouble Stormi gets into as well as what celebrity she'd like to work with the most, moreover, also what her man, Travis Scott, smells like.

The 22-year-old reality star didn't hold anything back while speaking with the iconic television show host. And while many of the questions - and the answers - should keep fans entertained, it was actually Kylie Jenner's greatest fear that sparked the most intrigue.

According to Jenner, her greatest fear is "dust in a cup," adding that it might be one of her biggest pet peeves because the makeup mogul fears that she might get some dust in her system. The 22-year-old reality star also dished on the time she was sneaking home after being out all night.

The 22-year-old reminisced on the time she was getting back home really late, and she thought she had it all figured out. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum stated that her mother gets up very early in the morning and goes to bed very early as well.

Her mother was far too wise for that. According to Kylie, her mother sat her down at the table one time and stated that she heard her come home every night of the week around 4:00 am - "this hast to stop," the momager demanded.

Kylie went on to say that she can't keep any secrets around Kris. Regarding how she likes to spend much of free time, Kylie said she probably burns the most hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, which has definitely become a guilty pleasure of hers over the years.


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