Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Rare Chanel Handbags On Instagram - Here’s Her $5,000 Python Clutch

Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Rare Chanel Handbags On Instagram - Here’s Her $5,000 Python Clutch

In a fresh video on Instagram, Kylie Jenner showed us how much she loves her bags. Sunday night, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul took a video of her most precious Chanel handbags, and one of these luxurious handbags is worth $5,000!

In a dreamy green color, the Python Lait de Coco Minaudiere Box is a rare handbag from 2014, which was worth $5,196 back then. Now we can only imagine how much more it’s worth, considering it is now already seen as a vintage bag.

With her shelves full of vintage Chanel bags, the beautiful 23-year old celeb showed off all the expensive bags, while playing Frank Ocean’s 2017 track “Chanel” in the background. Among the French luxurious bags, there was one that really stood out.

The pearl-shaped clutch bag in one of the photos was worth $3,750 back in 2005. The round bag is reminiscent of the brand’s pearl necklaces and has a black ribbon tie. Now, the bag resells for around $10K!

Among the rarest Chanel bags from Kylie’s collection is the red Choco Bar Heart Shaped CC Clutch, which was one of the 100 bags ever made. The resin and leather strap bag was released in 2001 and sold to raise funds for victims of 9/11. Now, this rare bag sells for $13K!

Another expensive and very rare bag is the all-metal bag which Kylie featured in a separate video, saying that she’s “obsessed with this gold one though, it’s all-metal — that’s crazy,” she said as she tapped the heavy bag. The metal bag was designed in the 1980s by Karl Lagerfeld. Kylie wore it this March at Victoria Villarroel‘s birthday.

Kylie’s fancy Chanel bag collection also included a pink, orange, and brown snakeskin flap from the 2000 collection, which is worth now around $5,000. We also spotted a heart-shaped quilted bag that was released in 1995, a fur top handle bag, a yellow round clutch, and a leather bag.

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