Kylie Jenner Reminds Us She's Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Doppelganger With These Throwback Pics

Kylie Jenner Reminds Us She's Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Doppelganger With These Throwback Pics
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It is no secret Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner sometimes look identical to one another! That being said, the makeup mogul took to social media to remind her followers just how much they can look like twins by posting these iconic throwback pics!

Do you remember that one photo shoot of the sisters where they intentionally tried to look like each other’s mirror image? And they succeeded?

In the photos, Kylie and Kim both have their hair long, straight and dark, rock a dramatic pink makeup and wear nude bandeau tops.

‘Throwback ✨ who wants KKW X KYLIE round 2?’ Kylie captioned one photo of her and her half-sister face to face as if looking into the mirror.

The caption seems to tease that they might just collab once again on a new project.

But Kim and Kylie don’t just look like twins in well planned and carefully styled professional shoots; they do in their day to day lives too sometimes!

Just last month, Kylie looked once again like Kim’s doppelganger when they were both seen wearing gray ensembles that consisted of crop tops, leggings, stiletto sock boots and some gold reflective shades part of Kanye’s Yeezy clothing line.

And it’s no wonder they look so much alike when they are, as Kim put in back in 2015, ‘twin souls.’

‘She is the best, you know? She's my little twin soul. She is such a free spirit, and I love that. She is the sweetest,’ Kim told ET at the time.

Speaking of family photo shoots, sisters Kim, Kylie and Khloe had a little one not too long ago for their infant daughters.

The whole thing has been planned for at least a month, and according to Khloe, it finally took place this past weekend.

‘We are so excited. Me and Kylie and Khloe are planning one of those kids’ photo shoots, just a silly shot that we can have all of the girls, ‘cause Stormi and Chicago have so many pictures together. So, we cannot wait for True to join the crew,’ Kim teased a month ago while talking to ET.


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