Kylie Jenner Reacts To Travis Scott Flirting With Iggy Azalea

Kylie Jenner Reacts To Travis Scott Flirting With Iggy Azalea
Credit: Instagram

Travis Scott surprised many by showing love to another woman who is not Kylie Jenner. The rapper could not resist hitting the Like button after seeing a stunning photo that Iggy Azalea posted flaunting her stunning curves.

Many saw it as Kylie's baby daddy flirting with the new mother, who is apparently still with the father of her baby, Playboi Carti.

A source close to Kylie said this is how she reacted to Travis's move: "Travis liking Iggy's photo is something Kylie wouldn't even pay attention to. Guys like photos all of the time on social media. It's mindless and meaningless and not even something Kylie would realize. She's not like that and doesn't get jealous easily, anyways."

Things seem to be going smoothly between Kylie and Travis, who were seen on a romantic date. A source told Hollywood Life that Travis has been pampering Kylie while in quarantine together.

The person stated: "Travis is still quarantined with Kylie, and as always, he wanted to make sure he went out of his way to make Kylie feel special on Mother's Day. Travis kept it very simple with a beautiful candlelit dinner for him, Kylie, and Stormi because he knows that's really all she would have wanted to do regardless of the quarantine right now. Travis had plenty of flowers scattered everywhere, and candles lit all around. He wanted to make sure it was a memorable occasion because he knows it's been challenging for Kylie at times with missing her family, so he made sure it was a special evening."

The pal added: "Travis and Kylie are getting along so well, one of the silver linings of this quarantine is how much time they are getting to spend together. Travis has been going above and beyond to be there for her and Stormi. He put so much thought into Mother's Day for her this year it actually made her cry. The sweetest thing of all is that he got Stormi to help him, she was daddy's little helper the whole day, and she was so happy. Nothing makes Kylie happier than seeing Stormi happy, so Travis really hit it out of the park."

Some say Travis is flirting with Iggy because they might have a song together.


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