Kylie Jenner Posts Perfect Family Picture With Baby Stormi Webster And Travis Scott -- Critics Blast Rapper For Being Insecure

Kylie Jenner Posts Perfect Family Picture With Baby Stormi Webster And Travis Scott -- Critics Blast Rapper For Being Insecure

As engagement rumors run high, Kylie Jenner shared the perfect family portrait with Travis Scott and baby Stormi Webster.

The billionaire in the making opted for a series of classy black and white pictures where cutie pie Stormi stole the spotlight.

It is impossible to please everyone, so some critics are going after Travis who appears shy and has his face almost hidden in the photos.

One person asked: "I have NEVER seen a pic of him and her face side by side ? he always has his head down or looking at her... NEVER able to do a comparison."

Another person shared: "You are so young with a beautiful family and with a future ahead of you ? that's motivation and patience. I like how she stays in her lane, make her money, stay in her relationship. Her baby is freakin adorable!"

This kind fan revealed that Travis is insecure about his looks because of bullies and trolls and added: "I like them, Kylie seems sweet, good mother, supportive of her man. He clearly loves them. He is insecure though. From what I've heard he's been bullied about his appearance ever since he was little and it has affected him as an adult. He still doesn't believe he's the most photogenic and it only makes it worse when millions of people choose to hate instead of being positive."

Meanwhile, Travis is talking to a famous jeweler about some important bling for Kylie.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Travis [Scott] hasn’t bought an engagement ring for Kylie [Jenner] yet, but he knows exactly the type of ring he would like to buy when he’s ready to make the big purchase. It’s something he’s definitely considered, but he’s been so busy and focused on his tour that he wants to wait until the time is right for both of them.”

The person went on to explain that Kylie will not rush into marriage.

The insider stated: “Kylie is crazy in love with Travis, she literally couldn’t be happier, and she feels like everything in her life is perfect right now. She has this amazing guy who worships the ground she walks on, a beautiful baby girl, and a mega-successful business empire. Everything is so great that Kylie doesn’t even want to think about getting married right now, as she kind of figures that if it ain’t broke why fix it?”

The pal concluded by: “Travis and Kylie have discussed marriage, and it’s definitely on the cards in the future, but Kylie has no desire to get wrapped up in all the stress and hassle that comes along with planning a wedding. Plus, Kylie and Travis feel like they’re a married couple already, so she doesn’t see the need for a piece of paper to make things official between them.”

Kylie is a woman who wants to win big and she will not leave the critics stop her.

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