Kylie Jenner Posts First Video Of Stormi Webster And Sparks Fake Pregnancy Rumors

Kylie Jenner Posts First Video Of Stormi Webster And Sparks Fake Pregnancy Rumors
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Kylie Jenner has created so much drama after sharing a brief video of baby Stormi Webster.

Earlier today, Miss Jenner who is considered the queen of Snapchat, posted a brief clip where she is singing and playing with the little toes of her baby daughter.

Travis Scott's baby mama had previously shared a picture of Stormi's tiny hand holding tightly to her perfectly manicured nails.

Much like the beautiful and innocent picture that Tiny Harris posted with baby Reign that sparked a nonsensical debate over skin tone, a similar one is taking place because of Stormi's toes.

Yes, a baby's toes have people enraged, and they are bashing each other.

Others are posting what they said about Beyonce and Blue Ivy -- Jenner faked her pregnancy because Stormi looks like she is four months old.

A naysayer said: "That don’t look like no little toes though. Those toes look older than the baby just saying. Saying ain't no way in hell she just had that baby its at least 3-4 months. Well, they never really showed her, and she never looked like she gave birth. And you can fake a hospital room. Open your eyes don't believe everything you see. Why is she still white?"

A defender stated: "I see how people are already mean and we didn’t even see the face talking about the baby’s toes THEYRE TOES!I don’t know why you are dum here. Kylie obviously didn’t fake it, she just wanted privacy, and luckily for her, she had people around her that respected it. Her stomach in the video doesn’t look like a strap on, you see the kick on the video, you see that she has a little bit of a post pregnancy body not a lot, but that might just be because she continued to work out and eat healthy tru out her pregnancy and yes it has gotten a lot of attention, but for those 5-6 months she missed out on a lot of publicity and branding my daughter came out light skin and didn't change for a few weeks, now she's dark and perfect."

Another shared: "Why is it dumb to tell your own opinion? If you cant handle other peoples opinions, the internet isn't the place for you. I think its fake. You all can believe whatever you want about it; I'm ok with it. "

What are your thoughts on this endless silly and idiotic conversation about fake pregnancies and a baby's skin tone when she is not even a month old?

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  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Feb 26, 2018 10:42 AM PST

    Oh please I don't know why people are so fascinated with the Jenner baby to ridicule and insult her because she chooses not to let the public see her daughter face is her business. I personally don't see why y'all are so pressed and so verbal about it. Light skin dark skin y'all don't have to take care of this child grow up get a life and quit worrying about others.

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