Kylie Jenner Poses Only In Lingerie And Travis Scott Reacts

Kylie Jenner Poses Only In Lingerie And Travis Scott Reacts
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Kylie Jenner decided that she could not let 2019 come to an end without a few more juicy pics. So, she decided to post a few new pics on her social media account in which she's only wearing lingerie and she's on a bed.

You can check out the pics below and what seems to be Travis Scott's reaction to them.

'just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap😫🖤🖤 pic by @victoriavillarroel,' Kylie captioned her post which includes two photos.

Kylie managed to trigger a debate in the comments regarding her body and these pics. Some said that posing like this is not appropriate when you have a kid, and others said that the pics are edited.

Someone said: '2019 was a good year for you 🔥 2020 will be better than ever!' and another follower posted this: 'you mean catfish yes 😂 Your face doesn’t even look like that in real life. All your pictures are heavily modified 😂😂 Thirst trap THESE NUTS.'

A follower wrote: 'You look bomb 😍 BUT the bed frame kinda bending on top lol,' and someone else defended Kylie and said: 'She's hot, so what if she wants to show off her body?'

One other commenter wrote this: 'Super cringe-worthy. But I guess it's all fun and games until you find yourself protecting your own daughter from online predators. Way to be an influence for all the young girls who are fans and looking up to you and thinking this is okay. 👏🏼'

Travis Scott shared the following message on IG live after Kylie's post popped up and The Shade Room are convinced this is for her:

Someone said: 'Why are you laughing that’s your bm,' and another follower said: 'That’s that angry lol 🤣.'

One Instagrammer posted this: 'Men love to say lol when they have their feelings hurt.'

In other news, Travis recently dropped a brand new song called 'Gatti,' along with Pop Smoke. Lots of people are concerned the lyrics may explore his breakup with Kylie .

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