Kylie Jenner On Her Anxiety Issues - Her Life 'Isn't Perfect'

Kylie Jenner On Her Anxiety Issues - Her Life 'Isn't Perfect'
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Kylie Jenner just got real with her fans in an Instagram post, in which she discussed her life difficulties as well as her problems with anxiety. The 21-year-old reality star dished on her struggles with an anxiety disorder.

Jenner said she is very proud of herself for her heart and her strength, adding that the challenges brought by being raised in the public eye, on a television screen, has made her a resilient person. "I've lost myself too sometimes," the reality star remarked.

Jenner stated that her first tattoo, as a matter of fact, was just the word," sanity," to remind herself every day to keep her head on straight.

The recent mother-of-one said to her fans and followers that she wanted to share that she is a human being as well, who suffers the regular challenges of humanity, albeit, in a different form. Jenner said her life is far from perfect, and what people see on the 'Gram is just superficial.

Moreover, the reality star shared words of wisdom for other people too, urging fans to accept themselves, and move on from past difficulties. The 21-year-old explained that many individuals have great potential to do amazing things.

Kylie isn't the only celebrity to get real with followers lately. The supermodel, Olivia Culpo, recently shared two photos in which she looked shockingly different. The second photo featured the model looking a bit tired and underfed.

Allegedly, Olivia's second photo came at a time when she broke up with Danny Amendola for good. The model wanted to show her fans and followers that just because a person's life looks amazing on Instagram and other platforms, it doesn't mean it's the same way in real life.

As it was previously reported, Olivia and Danny broke up earlier in the year. After she was spotted hanging around the DJ, Zedd, the NFL player took to the 'Gram to state he and Olivia simply had different careers and ways of orienting themselves in the world. He later deleted the post altogether.


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