Kylie Jenner Might Be Filling The Travis Scott Void With Two Of Her Ex-Boyfriends, Rumors Say

Kylie Jenner Might Be Filling The Travis Scott Void With Two Of Her Ex-Boyfriends, Rumors Say
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After the sudden announcement that Kylie Jenner was going on a break from Travis Scott, many of the couple’s fans jumped to social media to express their disappointment.

While some expected this to happen, given the previous hints, the official announcement still took few by surprise.

It did not take long for rumors to surface that the split might not even be real but instead fabricated for public attention.

And regardless of whether that is true or not, it seems like Jenner is at least moving on without any problems. Jenner was recently spotted partying together with a group that included Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith.

And many of her fans quickly noticed that Smith was getting a little too handsy with Jenner, placing his hand on her butt without any issue.

Some online commenters have also pointed out that Jenner and Smith used to be each other’s first love many years ago, adding more credibility to the possibility that there might be something between them.

Neither Jenner nor Smith have commented on the situation. Jenner’s other ex, rapper Tyga, has also commented on one of Jenner’s sexy photos.

Scott has not reacted, although he has undoubtedly been watching from the sidelines and paying a lot of attention.

If the rumors about the fabricated break are indeed true, this recent incident might paint the situation in a much more uncomfortable light for everyone involved.

It remains to be seen how the story will play out, but that will likely take some time, given its sensitive nature.

Meanwhile, a source spoke to Hollywood Life and said this is how Jenner is handling the split: “Kylie has always been grateful because she knows that all of her sisters support her no matter what decision she makes when it comes to her personal life. That includes whether or not she decides to enjoy the single life and being young for now, getting back with any of her exes, or even casually dating at this point.”

The insider added: “However, Kylie has no interest in jumping into any serious relationship right now,” our source reveals, adding that the Kylie Cosmetics founder is still “very much adjusting to life without Travis [Scott].”

Kylie will probably find a way to spin this into a win.

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