Kylie Jenner May Ditch Lip Injections As Her New Year's Resolution

Kylie Jenner May Ditch Lip Injections As Her New Year's Resolution
Credit: Source: Vanity Fair

Kylie Jenner's rise to fame took a massive turn when she received plastic surgery -- starting with her famous lip injections. The mother-to-be has been laying low for a few months due to her alleged pregnancy. It seems that she is making some changes which include her well-known image.

Jenner is making a New Year's resolution to go easy on the silicone for now. Apparently, the 20-year-old wants to set a new example for her followers that include millions of young women.

A source tells Hollywood Life: "She says she’s into thin lips lately, but  the  truth  is  it drives  her  crazy when people say ‘Yeah, she’s pretty but it’s all fake,’ and she wants  to  prove  to   the  public that she can still be pretty even without  the  giant lips."

The insider goes on to say: "She feels a bit guilty that all these teenage girls are getting plastic surgery now because of  her . She wants  to  send a message  to  fans that you don’t need plastic surgery  to  be beautiful."

Statistics actually show that lip enhancing procedures have increased dramatically since Kylie Jenner debuted her new look. Just take a look at the "popular" page on Instagram!

The makeup mogul will soon be a role model to one more very important person -- her daughter!

The youngest Jenner sister is rumored to be expecting a girl with Travis Scott and finds it important to instill values in her.

Motherhood often changes women completely and what they may have found acceptable at one time in their life may not be acceptable now.

It's important to teach young people this day and age to love the skin they're in. It seems like Kylie Jenner may be serious about wanting to help.

Do you think she will be doing away with plastic surgery?

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