Kylie Jenner Leaves Little To The Imagination In Steamy Mirror Selfie As New Feud With Jordyn Woods Surfaces Over Ray J

Kylie Jenner Leaves Little To The Imagination In Steamy Mirror Selfie As New Feud With Jordyn Woods Surfaces Over Ray J
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Young billionaire Kylie Jenner is still clout chasing, and fans are loving it.

Over the weekend, Travis Scott's baby mama took to social media and she dropped a series of bathroom selfies where she leaves nothing to the imagination.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wearing red underwear and white bra flashed her killer abs and tiny waistline in the mirror selfie.

The sexy impromptu photoshoot received more than 8 million views and thousands of comments.

While most of Kylie's fans praised her stunning body, others bashed her for the many plastic surgeries she has had in the past.

One fan had this to say about the sexy photo: "I can't believe that someone can look this good without even trying. 😍She came to slay this weekend. Her shower is bigger than my car."

This critic bashed her and said Kylie and her family are wrong to have old videos of Jordyn Woods on their reality show: "She did try by getting surgery’s so wtf you mean not trying. She looks good tho. Them showing her so much is shady as fuck Jordyn never got this much air time. If you look at the choppy editing/ quality, you can see that this was added to get people more upset at Jordyn that she was around making plans when this occurred when her hair is a month or two different telling me this is old footage."

Another naysayer claimed: "Everyone so worried about Jordyn when the Kardashian’s / Kylie have done the same to friends that they considered family for years but when it comes around and bite them in the ass everyone so mad at Jordyn. I love the Kardashian’s and watch their show all the time, but karma is karma regardless of who you are and what name you have, period."

According to Hollywood Life , there is a new source of conflict between Kylie and her ex-BFF, Jordyn, took a picture with Kim Kardashian's ex, Ray J.

The insider shared: “It’s extremely doubtful that Kylie would ever be open to reconciling her friendship with Jordyn, but it has nothing to do with her latest picture with Kim’s ex, Ray J. Plus Kylie isn’t even sure Jordyn realized why this picture might have been distasteful at a time like this. But at this point, Kylie feels like too much has happened and she could never fully trust or confide in Jordyn ever again.”

Kylie is coming back for her social media throne.

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