Kylie Jenner Is Tired Of Jordyn Woods' Behavior After Tristan Thompson's Cheating Drama

Kylie Jenner Is Tired Of Jordyn Woods' Behavior After Tristan Thompson's Cheating Drama
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Even though Kylie Jenner was initially protective of Jordyn Woods after the cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson, it looks like she has had enough of her attitude and has instead started to maintain her distance in the relationship between the two.

According to reports that surfaced via Radar Online , Jenner, is sick of the fact that Woods has continued to play victim through the whole ordeal, and kept doing so even months after the scandal was over.

Sources claim that Kylie has started to see Woods as pathetic in the situation, and has no interest in supporting her anymore.

The person, who spoke to Radar , explained: “Kylie thinks Jordyn is just pathetic for trying to turn this all around. She has made a fortune off of this scandal, and it makes Kylie so upset because she is still making money off of Khloe’s heartache!”

At the same time, there have also been inevitable disagreements about money in the background with the Kardashians claiming they made it possible for Woods to feed her family, although it is not clear who is in the right there.

Woods has continued to focus on her work on her clothing and makeup lines and does not seem to mind the comments coming from Jenner’s side.

However, other sources indicate that she might have in fact, been affected negatively by the recent statements.

In any case, there have been some significant disagreements between the two regarding who was right in the scandal as a whole.

And according to Jenner, it is Woods who should be making attempts to rebuild the relationship between the two, as she has been the main factor in that relationship falling apart in the first place.

The insider went on to explain: “She just feels like she didn’t do anything wrong to Jordyn. She stood up for her when her sisters were attacking her, and now that Jordyn is going her own way and has created her own brand, Kylie is just feeling hurt. All that Kylie wants at this point is for Jordyn to step back and take a look at what it is that made her who she is.”

However, it does not seem like this sentiment is echoed too heavily in the background so far. Fans will have to wait and see how things play out in the near future and how their relationship is going to end up.

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