Kylie Jenner Is Sad To See How Her Daughter, Stormi Webster, Called Her Recently

Kylie Jenner Is Sad To See How Her Daughter, Stormi Webster, Called Her Recently
Credit: BET

Kylie Jenner shared a video featuring cute Stormi Webster. In the clip, the baby girl doesn't call her mom, mommy', but Kylie. And of course, Kylie tells her that she should be calling her 'mom' instead of her name.

Stormi could not be cuter in the video, and you should check it out below.

Someone commented: 'Ik the feeling, when my daughter knew my name n how to say it she would prefer me by my name sometimes lol. I don't say anything about it I think it's a bit cute ❤'

A follower said: 'That is cute, but you're teaching her right Kylie,' and someone else posted this: 'She said what she said and on repeat😩'

One follower shaded Kylie and wrote: 'When the nanny or grandma raises the child, so she considers them mommy instead,' and someone else said: 'Lol she said your momma named you Kylie imma call you Kylie.'

Another person shaded Kylie and suggested that she's not the one raising her kid: 'That’s what happens when you have other people raise your kid and she constantly hears people calling you by your name. #SAD'

Someone else said: 'When kids learn your name, they will call you by that for a while lol nothing to do with bad parenting 🙄'

In other news, Kylie and Stormi's dad, Travis Scott just celebrated their daughter's second birthday.

More than that, sources claim that these two are considering getting back together.

E! Online recently reported that Travis and Kylie Jenner have since been on very friendly terms following their recent breakup.

Kylie and Travis sparked reconciliation speculation this past weekend when they both hung out at their’s daughter’s birthday party.

But it seems that an insider claimed that these two are not getting back together, but they’re doing a great job of getting along.


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