Kylie Jenner Is Ready To Get Back With Travis Scott Under Certain Conditions -- What Happened To Her Romance With Drake?

Kylie Jenner Is Ready To Get Back With Travis Scott Under Certain Conditions -- What Happened To Her Romance With Drake?
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In late 2019, many were surprised to learn that Kylie Jenner and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, had decided to go their separate ways.

The parents of little Stormi Webster issued a statement saying they would continue to be best friends as they raise their child.

While Travis remained single, Kylie was rumored to be dating Rihanna's ex-boyfriend and rapper, Drake. However, recently, Hollywood Life reported that the former couple has been spending a lot of time together and things quickly started heating up between them.

A source stated that they love what they have going on and do not plan to label it at the moment despite their families's opinions.

The person, who spoke to the media outlet, stated: "Kylie and Travis are avoiding putting a label on things because as soon as they do, they are going to get hit with a million opinions. And right now they just don't want to deal with that. They are still figuring stuff out and are trying to slow it all down."

The insider revealed: "They're spending a lot of time together, and neither of them is seeing anyone else. But they also spend plenty of time doing their own thing. Kylie is often doing stuff with her girls, or even just her and Stormi and her family. She's making a big point to keep her independence right now. That's very important to her."

The family friend went on to say: "One thing that Kylie and Travis always have to deal with is the fact that they are parents. They always have that first and foremost on their minds ahead of everything else when they are together. The things that actually strain their romantic relationship are never Stormi related, but career related."

The pal concluded by: "They both have so much stuff happening with their careers that they tend to focus on all of that. And when they are together, the focus is mostly on Stormi, and there isn't time for love and affection. They are really trying to figure out the best way to get back to the romantic side of things, and that is taking some time. They are trying to make the right moves to return to what they had, but it is still a work in progress."

Kylie is a real free spirit.

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