Kylie Jenner Is Proud Of Her Stretch Marks — Calls Them A Gift From Stormi

Kylie Jenner Is Proud Of Her Stretch Marks — Calls Them A Gift From Stormi
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner held an "Ask Me Anything" via Instagram where she answered some of her followers' most asked questions. She explained that in addition to the name Stormi, she really liked the name Rose. Kylie also explained how she taught Stormi to be such a great speaker. Kylie stated she has spoken to Stormi as an adult and continually explained things to her, even before she could speak. She also uses flashcards with Stormi. The beauty mogul also touched on her pregnancy and coming to terms with the changes she underwent due to pregnancy.

With 148 million Instagram followers, Kylie received plenty of questions but her answer regarding getting back in shape following her pregnancy is a topic that has gone viral.

Kylie was asked the following question. "Was it hard to get back into shape after your pregnancy?"

Kylie responded as follows. "I snapped back pretty fast, but it's never the same and still isn't. Once I accepted the change, my confidence came back. It just takes time."

Continuing, Kylie was asked if she had any stretch marks and if so, how did she treat them. Kylie was asked, "Did you have any stretch marks during your pregnancy? If so how did you get rid fo them?"

Kylie responded, "On my breasts, butt, and thighs! I haven't gotten rid of them. Just accept them as a little gift from Stormi lol."

Kylie also shared several throwback photos of herself with Stormi. You may see those below.

Body positivity is growing in popularity and more celebrities are baring their flaws and showing unretouched photos than ever before. Ashley Graham has embraced her changing body and continues to show photos of her stretch marks. Though Kylie didn't show her stretch marks in any photos or videos, her sister Kourtney went viral when she revealed her own stretch marks.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner's openness regarding her feelings about pregnancy? Kylie also addressed her feelings towards having more children and she said that she would love to have more in the future. Kylie and Stormi's dad Travis Scott recently split. It's unclear whether the two will reunite in the future.

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