Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With A Baby Girl And Reportedly Got Married To Travis Scott -- Tyga Is Angry

Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With A Baby Girl And Reportedly Got Married To Travis Scott -- Tyga Is Angry

Kylie Jenner is pregnant and also married to Travis Scott.

Talk about making headlines, a few hours ago, Jenner shocked many of her fans via TMZ that revealed she is expecting her first child with the rapper.

Thus far, the young mogul has yet to speak publicly about the baby news, but several sources claimed that she is over three months pregnant and is expecting a baby girl.

And the twist is that at the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star has been trying to get pregnant for several months.

A source close to Kim Kardashian's little sister dropped another bombshell by claiming that she and Scott got married in a low-key affair.

A source said: "Kylie and Travis tied the knot at her Calabasas mansion. It was not a big, glamorous affair like other Kardashian weddings, and only a few close friends were invited. But Kylie is crazy about Travis. There was no official E! cameras there, but Kylie asked her friends to film the special moment on their iPhones."

The person added: “[She's] spent thousands of dollars on new jewelry and designer clothes [for him]. She also buys him nice dinners and has promised him exotic vacations."

The lovers have moved into Jenner's $35 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

The insider claimed: “Kylie and Trav have been discussing moving into her new pad together. It is temporary. They are really into one another, and she is the one who suggested that they play house and see how living under one roof would be. She does not want him to pitch in financially; she just wants his presence!”

The person added: “It is a big ass house, and Kylie honestly doesn’t want to be there alone with her dogs. She would be too scared. She wants to feel protected and secure, and Travis provides that. Besides, she wants someone to keep her warm at night and to tell her how beautiful she is in the morning. And the only man she wants to make her feel that way and tell her that is Travis!"

It is being reported that Tyga is furious over the news and wished he was Jenner's baby daddy.

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  • Sparke Addams
    Sparke Addams Sep 23, 2017 1:39 AM PDT

    I really don't believe this.

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