Kylie Jenner Is Planning On Giving Up Reality TV For Good - What Does Her Famous Family Think?

Kylie Jenner Is Planning On Giving Up Reality TV For Good - What Does Her Famous Family Think?

According to new and shocking news, it looks like Kylie Jenner’s break from the spotlight amid her pregnancy has changed her so much that she doesn’t even want to return now! Sources told us that the makeup mogul is ready to say goodbye to showbiz for good!

Word has it that Kylie wants to live a ‘normal life’ and is seriously considering retiring.

People were aware that she might change while expecting but this is really extreme!

After all, Kylie pretty much grew up in the spotlight and doesn’t know another ‘normal’ than the one she’s always lived.

‘She wants to be out of the spotlight right now, and she wants to just focus on getting ready for the baby. Kylie’s even talked about wanting to be out of the public eye permanently, and focusing fully on being a mom as well as and businesswoman,’ one insider close to the Kardashian star revealed.

However, it seems like her famous family is not buying Kylie’s ‘retirement’ plans so don’t worry too much about it!

‘Everyone’s taking that with a pinch of salt. Kris [Jenner] thinks there is no way Kylie’s ready for a peaceful, quiet, regular life just yet, and that once she has had the baby, she’ll want to be back out there,’ our source explained.

That being said, if the younger Jenner sister will return to the reality TV show after giving birth is something we’ll have to wait and find out.

Meanwhile, other reports claim that we may still see a decrease in social media activity even after she comes out of hiding and that is because she has developed a ‘phobia’ of being judged for her pregnancy weight gain.

After all, she saw it happening to Kim when she was really young, and it affected her a lot.

Do you believe that Kylie should give up her reality TV star status and focus on her business and on being a good mother or not?


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